Bespoke sacred healings from the Heart and Soul.


Here we assist and hold the space to

nurture your soul, reveal your hidden truths and elevate your energies creating abundance. 

Your shadows are welcomed.

We are a trauma sensitive community, focused on self empowerment as tool for wellness, so you can travel light through life with a smile.


Tailored for the serious healing journey, clearing Aura attachments on all 15 dimensions from your past to  present and unwanted energies of others, over 8 sessions.

Intuitive and personalised healing session for your unique health and wellness needs, using Maya's

alchemist healing tools.

Blending techniques of  

Energy Healing, Reiki,

Aura Clearing, Crystals, Embodiment, Psychic Surgery and Remedies

Our beloved Reiki Sessions

are a divine intervention

honouring heaven and earth, bringing our busy minds to stillness dropping us into our hearts.

This blessing is ideal for releasing stress, anxiety, fear

and boosting confidence.

Learn Reiki for self healing in

One-day Workshops in Sydney

throughout the year.

Homeo-vibration Remedies are crafted by blending homeopathic preparations in sacred meditative ceremony, using the purist essential oils.

Maya explores the boundless possibilities of elixirs, such as Reiki vibration anoint or personalised Support Remedies.

Available in session.

Offered remotely and includes home, office, business or any personal spaces.

We infuse the space with your personalised intention, Some common themes are Love, Abundance and Radiance.

Also releasing lower or negative energies and attached lost souls.

Each space has an energetic history, and space clearing can be neutralising and harmonising. 




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