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Maya Essence  

Welcome to Maya Essence, a sacred and supportive space facilitated by Maya Ridoux Sweeney. Maya is a world-renowned Psychic Healer, Homeopath, Space Holder and the creator of Maya Essence sacred healing mists and skincare products. Maya serves as a conduit for spirit messages and benevolent beings, offering intuitive insights into your past, present and future. With her psychic talents and perspective vision of your blind spots, she will unveil hidden truths, offer a unique perspective on health and life issues and provide grounded guidance, clearing and support. Healing is a transformative experience where your entire being – physical, energetic, and emotional is repaired, rejuvenated, and regenerated at a cellular level. It's a journey of self-discovery, awakening and personal transformation. Be cocooned in nurture and nourishment as you travel along your healing journey.

“Maya is life changing. She is an incredible healer and each session is exactly what is needed at the time”


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Sacred Healing Sessions are One to One personalized, guided journey to help clear and release any shadows (such as limiting beliefs, traumas, and heart break).  Our ‘shadows’ often show up in unbalanced emotions and physical fatigue that slow us down from thriving, loving, and honouring ourselves and appreciating life.
In these sessions, we focus on resolving issues that are getting in the way of you functioning at your optimum, clearing the path so you will rise in vibration and reconnect with your heart, truth, and divine oneness.

Sessions may include Multidimensional and Quantum Healing, Energy Healing and Reiki, Ancestral Clearing and Healing, Crystals and Aura Mists, Light language and Mantras, Guided Meditation, Psychic Surgery and Energy Upgrades. Homeopathy and Remedies.

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