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Maya is the most intuitive, sensitive and beautiful human. I’m am so blessed to have her in my life! Her guidance and generosity has been so comforting and appreciated.

Courtney.C Musician from Sydney 

Maya is fabulous ! Her treatments are deeply healing. Christina.N Acupuncturist Sydney

Maya is amazing - her warmth and kind healing energy is a rare gift. She is also a very excellent teacher! I highly recommend Maya!

Anna.M Artist from Sydney

Maya is very insightful, had a really nice chakra balancing treatment, felt great afterward. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Edna Ni.S from Sydney

Maya is an amazing healer. 
I highly recommend her for any treatment. Magical! Kelda.R Designer Sydney

Maya is a wonderful, kind and talented person and practitioner. I love her treatments. Tonye Scar

Dear Maya. Where do I even start?
In 6 healing sessions I have felt completely reborn. Maya opened the blocks I had within my energetic body and allowed me the tools I needed to heal within myself;past life trauma, this life trauma, family karma.  Returning me safely back to myself,  In focusing on one particular trauma we have uncovered many healings that had to be done, to allow a complete healing. We still chip away but by bit for what my body will allow in each session. And after each healing session I feel cleansed, light, airy. 
Maya is a wonderful medicine woman and healer with great knowledge and many gifts. I give my complete recommendation .

Joelle Naturopath of Maroubra

Over the years I have benefited immensely from receiving Reiki and healing treatments from Maya Sweeney. She has a kind, nurturing, positive, understanding and empathetic personality combined with a no-nonsense attitude which helps when you are trying to progress through life!  She has taught me to be kind to myself and honour my feelings while not indulging in despair.  I have also sought her out on many occasions to send distant healings to either myself or loved ones, if location or time has prevented me from visiting the clinic.  S.M Sydney

Maya is an incredibly special and gifted healer and homeopath. I’ve been seeing her for over 5 years with truly ground breaking results. I have experienced complete change and long lasting outcomes with both the reiki/sacred healings and homeopathy. Therefore I would sincerely recommend Maya. I’ve also completed the first level Reiki course that Maya runs which was beautiful and a wonderful experience. Maya is a great teacher and professional who is highly intuitive, caring, kind and always supportive, focussing on what’s truly best for you. Thank you Maya. Karen.D of Sydney

I came to Maya with ongoing bad lower back pain, she gave me some Homeopathic remedies. After a few days my back pain eased within a few weeks my pain had gone.
I also had some Reiki healings which helped me relax and sleep better.
I highly recommend Maya for Homeopathy and healing.

Cameron.M Heavy Metal promotions

What can i say.. Maya has been truly wonderful! She listens and is attentive to every little ache or pain iv'e been going through taking me through the healing process being supportive and amazing! Thank you so much! I always leave the room feeling lighter and happier knowing another shift has occurred and trust the healing continues.
Mary-Anne Wavelength Artist

The day I was introduced to Tibetan bowl as part of a healing was a magnificent day for me. To my astonishment the vibration produced was one of the most soothing effects i ever experienced. The only way it could be described is the sound fundamentally altered my body frequency. I felt so good and energised, a feeling I could describe as heavenly.

William De Ora Best selling Author of The invisible partnership

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