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Meet Maya

Maya Ridoux Sweeney is an Energy Alchemist, Homeopath, Reiki Master and founder of Maya Essence. 

Maya was introduced early on to the benefits of natural health and remedies. Born in Goa to a French mother and Australian father, Maya had an eclectic childhood growing up and living between Australia, France, India and Bali.

Says Maya: ‘My mother has always been passionate about living in harmony with nature and I grew up on organic food, yoga, meditation and plant remedies – it’s in my DNA.’

Like most, Maya’s life journey has included times of grief, trauma, stress, and rites-of-passage lessons. However, Maya says it was her respect for natural medicine, in particular homeopathy, that helped her through these transitions.

'I intuitively feel natural remedies are gentler on the body system than many pharmaceuticals.  Inspired by their profound results, I have spent twenty-five years dedicated to the study of healing arts, homeopathy and natural medicine'.

'Through Maya Essence products, workshops and treatments, my mission and passion is to bestow Mother Earth's sacred wisdom to help and benefit others'.

Maya’s qualifications include: Advanced Diploma Homeopathy. Reiki Master and Teacher. Diploma in Body Therapy. Aura Clearing Practitioner. Certificate Breathwork Alchemist 1. Certificate Touch for Health. Advanced Diploma Remedial Therapies.
She is a fully registered member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.


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