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Sacred Healing 1:1

BOOKING NOTES: Sessions are either Virtual Online worldwide or In-Person on Saturdays in Bellingen (text 0415252938 for weekday availabilities).

Single or 6 pack session options available at checkout.



Experience personal growth, success, and transformation with the support of Maya’s Sacred Healing Sessions. These are designed to pave the way for your higher vibration way of living. In these sessions, you can focus on resolving one issue that is getting in the way of you functioning at your optimum or simply to do a general energy healing clearing.


Maya’s Sacred healing Sessions provide an opportunity to not only dissolve our shadows but transcend these so that one feels stronger, confident and more empowered. Our shadows are different for all of us – and can flare up at any time. For some, these may be unresolved emotional charges towards others, deep trauma, grief and heartbreak, while for others they can show up in lack of confidence and low self-worth. In some cases, our shadows can also be ancestral – unresolved traumas passed down through generations. How magnificent it is to clear these blocked pathways for both yourself and/or future generations.


Each of us deserves to live a fulfilling life where we get to co-create our existence (rather than give our power away to others). In a Sacred Healing Session, we invite you to rediscover and renew your connection with your higher self and purpose experience the oneness of life’s divine flow.  The more we trust to live in this state, the more the universe supports us on our path.


Sessions may include Multidimensional and Quantum Healing, Energy Healing and Reiki, Ancestral Clearing and Healing, Crystals and Aura Mists, Light language and Mantras, Guided Meditation, Psychic Surgery and Energy Upgrades. Homeopathy and Remedies.


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