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The Sacred Ember

‘Maya’s confidence, connectedness and experience are evident as she expertly guides you through the process. And if you are open and ready, expansion is inevitable’ Katherine Anderson, Australian Kinesiologist 


Welcome to The Sacred Ember, an invitation for you to ACTIVATE your passion, purpose and cosmic fire.


The Sacred Ember is an ‘energy acceleration’ course available live online. Tailored to those who seek to refine and evolve their unique gifts, this energetic upgrade helps one attune their ‘cosmic superpowers’ including intuition, clarity, and wisdom.


When our cosmic fire is strong, we feel naturally protected and resilient. Our aura expands and we vibrate at a higher frequency.


Over two empowering sessions, we focus on connecting you to and accelerating your divine talents and gifts. You will receive muscle-testing to identify, realign and clarify your higher purpose. There will be heart chakra strengthening, the releasing of stagnant energy and limitations, as well as potent healings and knowledge - all powered with an abundance of openings and illuminations. 


Expand your personal magnetism. Be guided to speak more from your heart (our deepest and most truthful place), and make a positive impact on others. Be given the sacred tools and self-healing strategies to navigate your way through the next decades.  Feel centered, stabilized and prepared as more people will gravitate to you for healing, teaching and guidance.


The Sacred Ember is an invitation to leave behind on old paradigms and embrace new superpowers to help you thrive. It’s a journey that will appeal to anyone who seeks to evolve in their vocation, productivity and manifestation power.


You deserve to SHINE.



Feeling stuck or stagnate in vocation and career

A practitioner wanting to upgrade your services  

A parent wanting deeper connection with family

Looking for a spiritual upgrade 

Looking for clarity around relationships 

Need an energy booster.



*Group or Private sessions with Maya

*Muscle Testing Kinesiology

*Self-Healing tools 

*A PDF workbook filled with rituals, guided meditations, tools, workshops, insights and practices for you to power on at home, anywhere, anytime.

*A bespoke homeopathic sacred oil blend or aura mist spray to support you on your path.

EXCLUSIVE ADD ONS: Discounted rates for ongoing support and sessions.


If you feel ready to move to the next level then The Sacred Ember is for you.


More about the course inclusions...



The first step in the course is to shine a light on what lights you up in your career, vocation, passion and studies.

Using the ground-breaking methods of Quantum Field Testing Alignment, we are able to help you clarify your passion, purpose and cosmic fire! Quantum Field Testing Alignment is similar to traditional Kinesiology but works on the energetic field. It’s a powerful tool that cuts through all the noise to give us access to your innate wisdom from your higher self (spirit and soul) up and fast track you to abundance. From here, we can work on your highest frequency and what it is you are really here to do, be and fulfill!     



As more of us become aware of the 5D realm (frequency, vibration and energy), we will need healing and support to help us refine and nourish these parts of ourselves.


Throughout The Sacred Ember, we work on awakening your consciousness so you can transition from the 3D realm (survival mode, fear, lack and competition) to 5D that is more heart, collaboration and compassion – living in alignment to your divine path.


We do this through powerful cosmic healing transmissions from the unified field higher realms. By drawing energy from the divine feminine source and benevolent beings, ascended masters, angels. ancestors and goddesses, we can expand your consciousness to new levels that is essentially an upgrade and alignment to your golden path.



Throughout The Sacred Ember, you will receive messages and gifts that you can integrate into a ritual practice for self-healing as well as in helping others. Let’s get your superpowers refined so you can move forward in your life purpose with clarity and confidence and achieve greater abundance.



Once you attune to the qualities of 5D reality and how powerful you can be, there is no turning back. Throughout The Sacred Ember course, we unblock stagnations and limitations and release low vibration emotions such as self-doubt, fear and worry. We teach you how to trust and embrace living in 5D reality where you will feel more flow, integration and synchronicity. 


How beautiful is this and you! We are really only at the beginning of understanding human potential and all possibilities.




PART 1 ‘You are the Treasure’

Energy clearing and purification session

Energetic upgrade with muscle-testing and quantum field alignment to your divine path

Rituals to integrate energies practice


PART 2 – Activating your Potential

Workshop the messages and gifts that come through and how to apply to your life

Personalised Ritual Guide

Bespoke Oils and Aura Mist

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