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AURA MISTS are natural body and room sprays filled with healing waters of Lourdes, France (Mother Mary blessed) and combined with essential oils and medicinal remedies.


STILL  aura mist  - Cedarwood  & Eucalyptus

Use for mind grounding when, thoughts are rapid and on repeat, needing to be grounded and in your body or in meditation practice to purify the mind.

Ritual, Spray mist daily above the crown of head and breath deeply, letting go of stress.

STILL Aura Mist 50ml

SKU: 01
  • Maya Essence Body and Spirit Rituals are Australian made and handcrafted in ceremony, using the highest quality and ethically sourced natural ingredients. All our bottles are made from violet Miron glass that naturally preserves the delicate oils and botanicals contained in them, this allows us to avoid using harsh chemicals and toxic preservatives in all our products.

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