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The Revival of Healing Circles

From men’s circles, women’s circles, full and new moon, goddess rituals, and cacao ceremonies, the renaissance of healing circles is spreading love all through the world. I’ve personally attended healing circles for years now. Just some of the destinations, I’ve experienced these include Australia, Bali, Europe and beyond. A few years ago (at the request of my clients who had become increasingly interested in meditation), I began hosting circles myself. It felt like a most authentic way to introduce meditation to people – yet in a most nurturing and healing way. Every healing circle is unique and no two will ever be the same. My healing circles are more like healing transmissions journeys – in that I am transmitting healing waves and reiki energy to everyone in the circle. I often theme my ceremony circles around the astrological placements such as new moon and full moon as these are traditionally considered powerful times to invite in and manifest intentions to manifestation (matter). I also like to call in the spirit of plant medicine such as San Pedro cactus, Ayahuasca and benevolent beings such as Mother Mary, archangels and those that I believe will help people shift and grow. In the next healing circle, for instance, we will be calling in the essence of St. Germain (Elderflower) for its frequency to help release stress and trauma. Healing circles don’t need to be overly serious though. I serve mine with Turmeric Lattes, nut and seasonal fruits and nibbles. Sharing with others in the circle is completely optional – they are a safe and caring space. Usually my healing circles last an hour with up to 15 participants. Ultimately, healing circles are a meaningful way to bring people together to expand self-awareness, empathy, compassion and a sense of community. Here’s 5 benefits of a healing circle... THE POWER OF A CIRCLE There’s something magnificent abut people coming together in the shape of a circle. It’s a sacred and universal shape that symbolises the earth, sun, moon, wholeness, rebirth, infinity, eternity, evolution, transformation, and totality. I believe that when you bring people in a circle to focus on an intention together, this creates a ripple effect that sends healing waves through the universe. Human beings have far more power than they realise. THEY RETURN US TO OUR NATIVE ROOTS When we look back in time, we can see that most cultures around the world had some sort of prayer, peace-making or talking circle. to help resolve conflict and other community issues. From the First Nations and Native Americans to many tribal cultures across South East Asia, circles are often practiced to discuss and resolve issues for the community. AND CREATE A FEELING OF UNION Healing Circles strengthen a feeling of connectedness – that we are not alone in our journey. There is also great beauty in listening to other people’s stories, sharing our stories of grief and heartache – and this itself can be very therapeutic. In my opinion, we all need a family or tribe of some sort to give us a sense of community. Years of research has shown that people who feel connected to others live longer and happier. Healing Circles are medicinal. THEY ARE AN HONORING SPACE Healing circles also provide a supportive structure that builds confidentiality - where one feels safe to open-up and share as well cultivate compassion for others. Traditionally, only one person will talk while everyone else listens in utmost silence and respect. However, sharing in my circles is always optional. In my opinion, the revival of healing circles are just another positive indicator in how humanity is evolving for the better. We are living in exciting times with so much potential… Maya Ridoux-Sweeny has been hosting ceremonial circles for several years now – hers a blend of healing transmission, intention, sharing and calling in the spirit of plant medicine. You can join in her live and sometimes healing circles


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