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The Golden Age Unveiled

There’s been a lot of chatter about The Golden Age lately but what exactly is this?  

According to many astrologers, scientists and historians, we are moving out of the current Kali Yuga cycle into The Golden Age that is predicted to be 40 years of harmony, evolution and expansion.  

Many of you may already be tuning into its energy now.  

Qualities of The Golden Age include collaboration, connectedness, and community. It’s a liberation from old paradigms and top-down power structures and a movement towards independent ways of living, working and being. Real-time examples of this include the rise of eco-communities, farming co-ops and decentralized currencies - power to the people!. 

In the Golden Age, we humans will learn to trust living more from our heart and intuition and less from the monkey mind. There will be more flow, less rigidity. More peace, less chaos. More creativity, adventure, and joy! 


There’s a magical quality to The Golden Age. We are realising we can access our higher self and potential during our time on earth. We are opening up to new ways of being that feel integrated with our true purpose. 


We also begin to understand that we have the power to shift through different consciousness dimensions  - 3D, 4D and 5D. Operating in the 3D realm, for instance, is more physical and survival mode whereas in the 5D, we feel more authentic, connected, and have a sense of oneness. 

As we move into The Golden Era, we awaken to the reality that we are more than flesh and bone, we are also energy, frequency, and vibration. We understand our mind creates matter and how essential it is to build inner resilience to remain calm and steady in any perceived chaos and unease around us.


Which brings me to The Sacred Ember, a high-level course designed to get you fully prepared and in alignment for The Golden Age.

During The Sacred Ember course, we use sophisticated 5D healing methods including Quantum Field Testing Alignment to clear and release any limitations and Energy Shifts and Upgrades and plenty of Openings and Illuminations to strengthen your passion, purpose and cosmic fire.


The portal to The Sacred Ember course is well and truly open. We recommend this if you are at a stage where you are looking to upgrade your gifts and talents, move to the next level in your purpose or simply want to sharpen your energy, focus, and resilience.  It’s an excellent course for healers, practitioners, health workers, teachers and anyone working in the field to help and guide others. 

It truly is a wonderful time to be here on planet earth and, despite what the mainstream media highlights, the potential for humanity is enormous.

We just need to stay focused on our path and trust the process.

Are you with me?


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