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Get the Ex out of my Chakra!

Get the Ex out of my Chakra!

If thoughts of your Ex are rattling around taunting you and if moving forward with your love life is a struggle, this could be a sign that you are emotionally and energetically frozen. This can create blockages in your body’s subtle energy system, like the Chakras, Meridians and subconscious mind. With guidance from a trained holistic therapist it’s possible to release the energy blocks that drain and hinder you. By cleansing, repairing and restoring the different energy systems of the body the blockages diminish over time with repeat healings.

How are blockages created in the first place?

The short answer is the emotions! When we have a strong emotional bond with someone we create energetic cords which link us together, and when the time comes to move on our separate ways sometimes the cords stay connected. This happens when one or both people have strong emotions and thoughts towards the other, even if one person has moved on. Past relationships can be traumatising leaving you with heart ache and pain, the residue of negative emotions store in your cells and can create disharmony and disease in the energetic system and physical body, including the mind.

What are some signs that I’m blocked?

The simplest way to asses this is to ask yourself if you are familiar with any of these lies: What’s wrong with me, why doesn’t anyone want me? I’m not good enough, my best years are gone now! Why can’t I let go, I want to move forward but it’s impossible?! I try to go on dates but they never work out!

What can a holistic therapist do for me?

Your holistic Therapist can identify and clear the blockages in your auric field and assist in the removal of energetic cords that no longer serve you. Bringing balance and peace of mind that allows you to be your wonderful self again without the emotional attachments of the Ex! We start to heal the wounds of past trauma making it easier to move forward. An experience like this can be liberating and powerful. This is not to say all your worries will magically disappear, however it is true that while aiming for balance you can see more clearly, which can help with making positive actions.

Get the Ex out of my Chakra! First step, book your FREE discovery call and learn more about how a healing session works or go straight ahead and book your Sacred Healing Session with Maya Ridoux Sweeney. Read Maya's client testimonials to get inspired here

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