Sacred Healing sessions are a unique holistic health system designed by Maya Ridoux Sweeney, she believes that balancing the mind, body and spirit for a holistic approach when addressing health issues, gives deeper lasting results and resolves at the core issue. Once we have identified what your health issues are in your initial consultation, a combination of two or more of the following tools will be applied to your Sacred Healing session (note these can change session to session):


Homeopathy is a  complementary  

medicine health system that is drug-free and can help with acute and chronic health conditions.


Energy Healing combines many healing modalities, such as Embodiment, Crystals, Tibetan Singing bowls, Psychic surgery and Soul Retrieval. The aim is to balance you subtle energy systems.

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Reiki is a spiritual healing which re-connects the mind with the heart bringing peace and relief to the unsettled soul. Clears Karma and can heal many ailments


Remedies are the natural medicines used in Homeopathy and are made from Plant, Animal and Mineral substances. Maya has crafted her own Reiki Essence made on the principles of homeopathy

What to expect in a Sacred Healing Session

In your initial consultation we will talk about what health issues you want to address and realistic outcomes. If necessary a comprehensive health history will be taken. Maya will then advise on the best solution she offers in your case and begin your sacred healing session. At the end of initial consultation a follow up program will be suggested. 

What if I just want a Homeopathy consultation or Reiki session on its own?

No problem simply make a request. Fees are the same.

What are the BOOKING options?

There is three booking options available: 

1. In person at my Sydney clinic.

2. By Distant healing.

3. By Video Call such as Skype or Zoom.

Have a chat with me to see what options will best suit you or Read more for details on Booking options.

What are the FEES for Sacred Healing Sessions?

Sacred Healing Session Fee - $130 AUD (Pack of 3 or more Sessions 10% off)

Remedies - $20 AUD plus postage if required.

Payment options - Cash, Direct Debit and Credit Card (PayPal).

Health Fund Rebates Available for Homeopathy - must be included in your session to claim. 


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