“Maya is life changing. She is an incredible healer and each session is exactly what is needed at the time."

Caitlin O'Malley


'I intuitively feel natural therapies are gentler on the body system than many pharmaceuticals. Inspired by their profound results, I have spent twenty-five years dedicated to the study of the healing arts, Homeopathy and Energy medicine.


Through Maya essence products, healing events and treatments, my mission and passion is to bestow Mother Earths sacred wisdom to help and benefit others.'

Maya Ridoux Sweeney



Maya Essence is a high-vibration healing wellness brand born in Australia. Created by Maya Ridoux Sweeney, an Energy Alchemist, Homeopath and Reiki Master. 

Over the last decade, Maya has created bespoke homeopathic remedies, sprays, oils, and blends for her clients (and their children and families) with profound results. With so many clients benefiting from her body and spirit rituals and remedies, Maya began to expand her range.

Introducing Maya Essence – an Australian-made collection of sacred high-vibration products including Aura Mists, Anoint Scents and Remedy Resets.

Every product is handcrafted in ceremony using the highest-quality and ethically sourced ingredients. They are designed to harmonise one’s physical, emotional, mental and energy field. 

Maya Essence is presented in sustainable MIRON Violet glass to preserve the essence and increase the shelf life and vibration of the delicate oils and active botanicals without the need to use toxic preservatives.

'Sacred Aura mist calmed my anxiety and provided a refreshing aura balance to help me with stress at work and to focus.'

Lisa Hughes