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How to sleep well - naturally!

I recently returned from a girl’s weekend away to Bellingen. It was just what the ‘good

doctor’ ordered - great food and wine, treatments and massages, plus nature medicine galore - coastal walks, creek swims and forest bathing!

The only downside was one of my friends sharing our room had been suffering chronic sleep

disorder (hot travel tip - never share a room with insomniacs) and so she spent most of her weekend doing acupuncture and treatments to try and remedy her issue.

And sleep disorder is a chronic modern-day health issue - and unfortunately is on the rise.

According to the Sleep Foundation in the USA, an estimated 10-30% of adults experience

chronic insomnia and problems with sleeping. Sleep disorder is linked to all sorts of chronic

issues which I won’t go into here as it’s too depressing and any insomniacs reading this may

not sleep well tonight.

Thankfully, I had packed my newly created REM Sleep Aura Mist I originally created

this product for clients who also suffer sleep issues.

I personally feel we are all connected and collectively tune in to what’s going on in planet

earth. With all that’s been going on over the last few years, it’s completely

understandable that many are suffering sleep issues.

For example, a recent study found that sleep problems rose during the COVID-10 pandemic

and during the pandemic sleep issues affected 31% of healthcare professionals and 18% of

the general population.

That said, in my opinion, lack of sleep was already a pandemic before the pandemic!

The intention my newly devised REM Sleep Aura Mist is to create restful dreaming and relaxation and

help one resolve any issues at night during dream time.

The two homeopathic key ingredients in this are Lucid Dream Tincture and Bee Hive Elixir.

Lucid Dream Tincture is actually a traditional Prevurian plant medicine made with Bobinsana

and Caela Zacatechich herbs. Together, they create lucid if not shamanic insightful dream


Beehive Elixir (pollen) is considered a ‘Master’ homeopathic preparation that is said to help

promote strength, courage and willpower. It’s often recommended when one feels low, tired,

pessimistic, and lacks confidence making decisions.

I also blended organic essential oils into the Aura Mist - in particular, Orange for sleep

disturbance, helping one fall asleep and to help lift mood with depression and heavy feelings

and Patchouli as a sedative as it’s grounding and help with insomnia.

When we inhale essential oils, they directly affect the limbic system of our brain that in turn

impacts our emotions. Other essential oils in this blend include Lavender, Geranium, and


The feedback about REM Sleep Aura mist has been outstanding. Many clients and friends

report they use it not only to help them sleep but for their entire family and kids also.

All of the Aura Mists are handcrafted in ceremony using the highest quality and ethically

sourced ingredients. They are presented in sustainable Miron violet glass to preserve the

essence, shelf-life, and vibration of the ingredients. The Aura Mists are easy to use - simply

spray in and around your body and space. For the REM, I recommend to spray onto their

pillow at night and even on their sleep wear.

My online and in-person reiki healings are also ideal to clear away any energy in mind and

body that causes one to feel unsettled.

Back to Bellingen weekend getaway. It’s a beautiful earthy town with lots of secret pockets

of paradise to explore as well as upscale coastal towns.

Maya’s Top 5 Things to Do in Bellingen

Metaphysical Massage at Alchemy Spa

A surprising and delightful metaphysical massage with owner Joanna Plater. If you want to

clear off toxic energies and receive spiritual guidance as you are massaged, then this is your

Never Never river

The original indigenous women’s birthing hole are just incredible. I would go as far as to say

I felt reborn after an hour in those healing waters!

Za'Atar Bellingen

An authentic Middle Eastern falafel bar - clean, fresh food. Great lunch nosh.

Bellingen Gelato Bar

The real deal long black coffee...afagato style for me!

Urunga boardwalk

Just 15 min drive from Bellingen - enjoy an invigorating walk through the mangroves out to

the rough and wild beach.

Bellingen-based Naturopath Joelle Phegan’s Sleep Tips

1. REM mist 

2. Wake up early for a sunrise sun gaze

3. Dim all lights and listen to calming music, yin yoga helps too an hour or two before your

intended bedtime 

4. Magnesium 

5. Chamomile or passionflower tea


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