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Embrace Your Radiance: Elevate your Wellness Routine with Maya Essence

Everything in our universe is made of vibration and frequency – including sound, light, our thoughts, emotions, and physical bodies.


Simply put, Vibration can be described as the movement of energy while Frequency relates to the intensity at which these vibrations occur and are measured in hertz (Hz). Higher frequencies relate to faster oscillations while lower frequencies indicate slower ones.


When we can tune in and understand higher and lower frequencies, we have incredible tools to take charge of and transform our life.  


Which brings us to Maya Essence – your collection of aura mists, anoint oils and remedy resets to help amplify our vibration and frequency.


Maya Essence products are all handcrafted using divine guidance. Each essence is lovingly produced with reiki, respect and intuition.  They are a pathway designed to help one expand and grow in all the realms of health, love, abundance, femininity, masculinity and beyond.


Each Maya Essence product is hand bottled in ritual drawing on potent medicines from mother earth - pure water, flower essences, botanical plant extracts, crystal energy and minerals. Every ingredient is ethically sourced and selected to vibrate with vitality.


At the heart of Maya Essence is intention – a conscious infusion of loving, heart-centered intention. The scared oils and mists are all hand blended in a meditative environment of divine guidance, respect and purpose. They honour mother earth’s natural intention that is for all of nature - human, plant and animal life - to flourish and live in harmony.


Maya Essence products can be used as a sacred ritual. Mist your home, car and workspace with tailored Aura Mists or add Anoint Scents for a natural perfume with a spiritual purpose. From womb and sleep health to beauty and spiritual enlivenment, each is a journey of self-care with every drop becoming a moment of connection with your higher self.


High vibration products will always be created without harmful toxins, synthetics and ingredients that cause no stress or harm to animals.


When we use high vibration products that pulsate with positive life force, we absorb these qualities into our physical realms, aura and energetics.


Let Maya Essence be your guide, illuminating your path to be more radiant, harmonious and abundant. Discover the exquisite collection of Aura Mists, Anoint Scents and Remedy Resets HERE


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