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The Voluptuous Itch - Homeopathy helps Eczema

Little katya has had full body eczema for 9 years of her life and it was becoming embarrassing for her in her primary school years. Her skin was dirty, dry and itchy, the itch was so intense especially at night in bed that her skin would split and bleed. When I first met Katya she was quite, attentive and grinned a big smile. I sensed she was enjoying the attention and acknowledgement about her pain and discomfort. Homeopathic remedies are selected based on the presenting symptoms, personality, hereditary factors and lifestyle patterns of the whole person. In Katya’s case her mother was doing most of the talking in consultations, with the best information she could give me at the time and with the obvious skin presentation we started her on Sulphur Homeopathic remedy for a few months. We noticed some improvement but the voluptuous itch prevailed. That’s when I asked Katya’s mother if there was any possible emotional aspects that she might of left out. After thinking about it she did mention that Katya was a high achiever and gets upset if she doesn’t succeed. With this new information, I could select another Homeopathic remedy that matched her mental symptoms more accurately. I gave her ARS ALB homeopathic remedy and after a few weeks the itch had gone and now after one month her eczema has cleared.

"In katya's severe eczema case, it did take some tweaks to find the right remedy that suits her personality however once we got it, the result was outstanding" Lin Slavin (Katya's mum). CLICK HERE FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS

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