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Do you long to reconnect with your heart, inspiration, balance, and empowerment? My personal experience with the ‘Healing Love Portal’ sessions facilitated by Sydney healer, Maya Sweeney felt like tapping back into the sweet elixir of life. By Jane.B

I wasn’t in the best place. I had hit my mid-fifties and thought I had escaped the mythical mid-life crisis – but maybe not. Things weren’t flowing. I felt deeply disconnected and anxious. I was suffering chronic indecision and couldn’t make important decisions with confidence. I had lost my groove.

It’s in these times that calling in healing from outside can help us get back on track.

I booked a session with Maya Ridoux Sweeney who is a Sydney-based healer working at Orchardst Bronte ( as well as her own healing clinic in Ashfield and worldwide via Zoom call. Maya is renowned for her in-person and online Sacred Healings, Pleiadian Quantum Healing, and the Sacred Ember course and Divine abundance Activations.

The one-hour ‘Healing Love Portal’ sessions are designed specifically to help one return to their heart. For some, this means living with authenticity with joy and purpose.

The healing began with an exploration of my timelines. Maya guided me through gentle and meditative breathwork as she travelled through time, clearing past hurts, grief, and trauma. We moved through some of the overarching issues related to my heart including ancestral healing, self-worth, and relationship healing.

From here, Maya guided me into a state of OMNI love that she explained transcends personal attachments, biases, and limitations. Being in this all-encompassing and unconditional state of love is thought to give us a broader perspective of ourselves and the world around us.

What makes her sessions powerful is she weaves in ancient lineage of Mother Mary and Maryann’s language that help to release negativities in one’s energetic field.

I lay peacefully as Maya blended chanting, song and mantra sounds with energy work. It was the first time in two weeks I had allowed myself to stop, be still and receive and it was a gentle reminder that surrendering is an important quality if one wants to the healing process to unfold.

We then journeyed deeper into Heart Portal, where the focus shifted to activating the 12 chambers of my heart. Many of mine were blocked and by activating these, we made room for a deeper connection with source (higher intuition).

Maya informed me that the activations can be continued through personal meditation practices.

This made sense to me. I had been in such a state of panic yet after the ‘Healing Love Portal’ session, I was able to detach myself from the fear and get back to my true self with the knowing ‘that all will be ok’ again.

In the days after, the clouds cleared and I felt joy again, a sense of optimism and a spring in my step.

I believe our heart is a compass that reveals what inspires us and when something is off (not in alignment) it shows up in our body and emotions. It’s so important in these times to listen and respect our body’s signals and take time out to reflect on what life is trying to show us.

If you ever find yourself off-balance like I was, I highly recommend a Healing Love Portal session to get you back on your path and into your heart.

I feel excited about what the next adventure will bring.


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