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Eyebright for winter cures and allergies

Euphrasia officialias

One winter morning I noticed my rescue cat, Lucy, had a weepy eye followed by a few sneezes and after some Homeopathic investigation, I concluded she had an allergy type presentation and decided to use Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright flower) homeopathic remedy. Within a few days of topical application Lucy's symptoms completely cleared and she is feeling more comfortable without having to squint her eye any longer. I have also noticed she's more affectionate, perhaps her way of thanking me. Eyebright is a wonderful remedy for humans too, especially for allergies.

Eyebright flower as the name suggests, has been used by the ancients and still to this day, for eye afflictions such as:

  • Allergies with excessive watery eyes and possible bland nasal discharges.

  • Conjunctivitis, which may become chronic and persistent.

  • Injuries to the eye.

  • Corneal ulcer where there is damage to the surface of the eye.

Eyebright can be used as an eye wash for eye problems or ingested for colds and cough that also has matching eye symptoms. It's always best to consult your Homeopath for best results. Maya Ridoux Sweeney offers quick phone acute consults for those times you need a quick fix, however if you have more chronic allergy or eye conditions it is best to have a comprehensive consultation. BOOK NOW

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