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Reiki Training - Beginners to Masters 

Join the Program and Rediscover Your inner-healer

Shoden Level one for self healing

Journey your soul with the sacred wonders of Reiki rituals and practices. In This Reiki beginners class you will learn how to give Reiki to yourself, friends, family and even pets. Experience many hands-on practices of Reiki healing system, such as ritual techniques, meditations and hand positions. Also receive Reiki transmissions attuning you to Reiki vibrations permanently, this gives you unlimited Reiki energy to work with at anytime you wish.

What do I learn in level 1 Reiki?

How to self heal yourself 

Learn to feel energy and use intuition

Meditation and Spiritual techniques

Develop daily Reiki rituals

What do you get in level 1 Reiki

Reiki Transmission attuning you to level 1

PDF Manual

Certificate of Attainment

Traditional Usui Mikao Reiki Linage 

Pre-requisite for Reiki Level 2


Okuden Level two for healing others

Deepen your Reiki practice and self development in this Reiki level 2 class. We will explore the three sacred Reiki symbols, their significance and how to apply them in your healings. Learn how energy is not bound by time with Reiki distant healing technique - mind blown!. Practice advanced healing technique on yourself and others and how integrate them into your private practice.

What do I learn in level 2 Reiki?

How to apply advance techniques in your healings

Learn advanced Meditations and spititual technique

How to do a distant healing

Learn about the three Reiki symbols and their applications

how to set up a professional practice

What do you get in level 2 Reiki

Reiki Blessing advanced Attunments

PDF Manual

Certificate of Attainment

Traditional Usui Mikao Reiki Linage

Pre-requisite for Reiki Master


Shinpinden Level three for Mastery

Begin your Master-ship in this Reiki level 3 class. The final Reiki symbol will be revealed and how to apply it in your self mastery. Learn how to let go of symbols and use visualization and intuition to further self development. Master advanced Reiki techniques, such as clearing Karma and blood purification. Finally learn how to share Reiki techniques and transmissions to others

What do I learn in Reiki level 3?

How to Master your Reiki healings

Learn the final Reiki Symbol and it's applications

Advanced Meditation and Spiritual techniques

Learn how to give Reiki Blessing Attunments

Be a Reiki teacher

What do you get in Reiki level 3 

Reiki Blessing Attunements

PDF Manual

Certificate of Attainment

Traditional Usui Mikao Reiki Linage 

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