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You can experience this timeless wisdom with an authentic Coca Reading Ceremony with Maya of Maya Essence, trained by her Peruvian Shaman. At Maya Essence, we offer Coca Leaf Readings and Healings in sacred ceremonies where the leaves serve as a communication guide or spiritual portal to access your past, present and future. Using energy powers of our ancestors, we connect with the leaves and can provide guidance in areas where you may feel stuck or uncertain. Come with an open mind and a desire to move forward on your spiritual journey. Available Online worldwide or In-Person on Saturdays in Bellingen.


'I had a super interesting coca leaf reading with Maya that gave me some great insights into work and relationships, uncovered some blind spots, and gave me clear direction for next steps. Maya also did a short healing. I'm feeling more centred and balanced. Maya is such a talented healer. I can't recommend her highly enough. Even if you're simply curious, I'd book a session. You won't regret it.'

Deep in the heart of ancient Inca tradition in Peru lies a practice steeped in profound mysticism and spiritual wisdom: the Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony.  


Regarded as ‘the divine’ plant by the Incas, the coca leaf is considered sacred by many indigenous cultures. They are treasured for their medicinal, strengthening and stimulating properties and have long been used in sacred rites and religious celebrations. In ceremony, the participants may chew coca leaves, drink coca tea, or use them in other ways, such as in offerings and rituals.


Central to the ceremony is the connection to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the interconnectedness of all beings and the natural world.


Traditionally, coco ceremonies were led by a Shaman (or paqo) who had been passed down the practice and who would continue to pass this lineage to future generations. The Shaman served as a conduit between the earthly realm and the spiritual realms and through prayer, song and meditation, connected with ancestors and the energies of the Four Directions for guidance.


Today, the Coca Reading Ceremony can be performed by trained healers and practitioners and is a gentle yet powerful way to gain insight about past, present and future.


During a reading, you sit in a ceremony as 12 coca leaves are used. Typically, the reader throws three leaves out towards the Four Directions. It is the way the leaves move and fall, and the symbols, shapes and patterns they form that reveal insights for the reader. A reading can offer immense guidance relating to our health, family and financial and relationships.


The Coca Reading Ceremony is revered as one of the most accurate and respected practices across South America. 

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