Reiki Workshops are a wonderful way to reconnect with your spirituality, deepen your intuition, align yourself to the universe and practice Reiki meditations and Healing techniques. Launch your self development in a fun and safe environment. Classes are small giving individual attention for personal growth, and are held throughout the year in Sydney, Australia.

Reiki Workshops are facilitated by Maya Ridoux Sweeney, a certified Reiki Master of the Classical Japanese Mikao Usui system. There are 3 levels to this Reiki system each complete in its self, giving students the option to work at their own pace and desired level. 


Journey your soul with the sacred wonders of Reiki rituals and practices. This one day Beginners Reiki Workshop is hands on and you will learn how to give Reiki to yourself, friends, family and even pets. We will sit in meditation and activate healing Reiki energy and learn the different Reiki techniques for preparing your self to give Reiki. You will also receive sacred Reiki blessings attuning your energies to the Reiki frequencies, this gives you unlimited access to Reiki for your practice beyond the workshop. No spiritual experience is needed just be open and prepared to receive unconditional love.  

What do I learn in level 1 Reiki?

How to self heal yourself and others

Learn to feel energy and use intuition

Meditation and Spiritual techniques

Develop daily Reiki rituals

What do you get in level 1 Reiki

Reiki Blessing Attunments

Comprehensive manual

Certificate of Attainment

Reiki Linage 

Ongoing Reiki Circles

Application for level 2 Reiki


Deepen your Reiki practice and self development in this Practitioner level 2 one day Reiki Workshop. We will explore the three sacred Reiki symbols, their significance and how to apply them in your healings. Learn how energy is not bound by time with Reiki distant healing technique - mind blown!. Practice advanced healing technique on your classmates and how integrate them into your private practice.

What do I learn in level 2 Reiki?

How to apply advance techniques in your healings

Learn advanced Meditations and spititual technique

How to do a distant healing

Learn about the three Reiki symbols and their applications

how to set up a professional practice

What do you get in level 2 Reiki

Reiki Blessing advanced Attunments

Comprehensive manual

Certificate of Attainment

Reiki Linage 

Ongoing Reiki Circles

Application for level 3 Reiki


Begin your Master-ship in this one day level 3 Reiki Workshop. The final Reiki symbol will be revealed and how to apply it in your self mastery. Learn how to let go of symbols and use visulaisation and intuition to further self development. Master advanced Reiki techniques, such as clearing Karma and blood purification. Finally learn how to Master Reiki blessing attunements and teach on others.

What do I learn in level 3 Reiki?

How to Master your Reiki healings

Learn the final Reiki Symbil and it's applications

Advanced Meditation and Spiritual techniques

Learn how to give Reiki Blessing Attunments

How to be a Reiki teacher

What do you get in level 3 Reiki

Reiki Blessing Attunments

Comprehensive manual

Certificate of Attainment

Reiki Linage 

Ongoing Reiki Circles

Application Student Workshop Assistant

I have wanted to do a Reiki course for some years and am very pleased to have done it with Maya. Maya is very approachable and takes things slowly, giving plenty of encouragement and reassurance. The course affected me emotionally and physically in ways that Maya had accurately described so I was not frightened by it- emotional yes but expected it. In two weeks only, level one Reiki has brought me so much - I am calmer and more accepting. I can't wait for level two!

Caroline Cain Health Coach UK

I recently finished the first level of Reiki teaching with Maya in a lovely clinic in Sydney's Inner West.  I have never had a better experience in a teaching / learning / healing environment. It was such a peaceful and non-intimidating environment.  I felt I was able to easily assimilate the information and techniques and put these into action.  I feel very lucky to have Maya as my own personal teacher in a small group.  Healing is the kind of thing everyone can benefit from, but until one has experienced Reiki or healing, it can be scary to embark upon this journey.  If you are interested in studying or experiencing Reiki, I would highly recommend Maya as a friendly practitioner who can assist with all sorts of health problems - be it mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.

Siobahn McLaren Artist, Healer NT

Maya, has an amazing gift of healing. Her sessions have left me feeling relaxed, reassured and feeling amazing. Maya creates a safe and comfortable environment. I have also done Maya's reiki course. As a learner Maya made me feel supported while I practiced my new skills. She was able to judge the group and adjust the pace accordingly to the group and individuals in the course. I would highly recommend her services to all that are drawn to see her.

Kimberley Colquhoun Sudney