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Welcome and Thank you for joining my mailing list, you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to share all the goodness with you. My gift to you today is on how to practice a Heart Meditation that diffuses negative energy and gives you some time out from stress, anxiety and anger.


Did you know the heart is more powerful than the brain?

The heart is 100,000 times stronger electricity and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. Imagine what focused meditation with the heart can do for your health! 

Heart centred Meditation balances your hearts rhythm and is one of the quickest ways to achieve a calm mind and a peaceful feeling of ease.



Try this 5 step Meditation anywhere and anytime when you need a break from a busy life or from negative emotions.


Step 1.

Breath in a little deeper and slower than usual, with a count of 5 seconds for inhale and exhale.


Step 2.

Focus on your heart centre while breathing and radiate the feelings of appreciation for 2 minutes. (Tip- Think of loved ones or something your grateful for).


Step 3.

Evoke a genuine feeling of compassion and care for the planet. Breath the feelings of compassion and care going out from your heart.


Step 4.

Radiate the genuine feelings of compassion and care out to the planet,a specific person, place or issue that is need of healing.


Step 5.

See yourself joining with other heart centred carers to participate the healing process and generating peace.

You can see this technique takes you away from the self and brings awareness to the bigger picture. This is how we truly heal with appreciation, giving and genuine care for our planet and others. Want to learn more about how to self Heal? Join my Facebook community Private Group and watch Free weekly live streams on how to self heal.

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