What to expect in Distand Healing?

A Distant Healing Session begins with an email or phone call discussing the issues you want to work on and at the time of the appointment you sit or lay down in a comfortable place. Best to have palms facing upward and consciously be open to receiving your healing wholeheartedly, however you don't have to do anything special just relax and drift off if desired. At the end of the session you will get a feedback report and recommendations. A Distant Healing does not require any technology during the session, which is great if your travelling, on a plane, in the park or on a retreat.

What to expect in a Video Call?

With life being so busy clients are opting for Video Calls as an alternative to coming into clinic or an easy way to do a follow up session. This way you can be in the comfort of your own home only taking a short break from your day. We can also connect worldwide which is convenient if travel frequently, on holidays or live in another region.

At your Appointment time we connect on Video call such as Skype or Zoom ( Don't worry if your unfamiliar with these platforms, I will send you a link to connect). The process is the same as if we were in person talking, while on the video call you will receive your Distant Healing. The difference is that I will communicate with you through out your session instead of a feed back report. Again this method is as effective as in person.

What are the FEES for Distant Healing Sessions?

Sacred Healing Session Fee - $130 AUD (Pack of 3 or more Sessions 10% off)

Remedies - $20 AUD plus postage if required.

Payment options - Cash, Direct Debit and Credit Card (PayPal).

Health Fund Rebates Available for Homeopathy - must be included in your session to claim. 


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Sacred Healing Sessions can be received remotely or on Video Call by Distant Healing. Our subtle energy system, the chakras, meridians, auric field and higher selves are connected to everything that is in the universe. The healer is able to tap into this universal energy with deep meditation and clear intention setting, accessing your personal energy field and time lines. At this point our energies become one and healing takes place using various techniques. The benefits of Distant Healing are as effective as in person healing session.


Bondi, Sydney

"Maya's Remote Healings are fabulous. Iv'e had healings done while i'm at home or even outside, under a tree. They are absolutely amazing, I'm sure I can feel them at work and they're such a good way to rest. they've helped me with a range of current and past life issues, which is incredible and has been so helpful. I love Maya's healings and you get instant feedback on what came up, along with what to do next. Iv'e always found Maya's healing so powerful and her interpretations are spot on. Thanks very much Maya. I'm so grateful for all your beautiful healings. They're wonderful!"


Sydney, NSW

"As my 6 yr old son hates going to appointments its great that I can see Maya via skype on my own and she supports us beyond appointment times.It has made such a difference to our family life and we are truly grateful to have found Homeopathic medicine to help my son who has a diagnoses of high functioning autism and clinical anxiety. Since seeing Maya, we are truly shocked at the difference her remedies have made for our son. He is so much calmer, happier and is better able to handle stressful situations. His anger and frustration has reduced considerably. He is no longer physically violent. He sleeps better, without nightmares. 

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